Monday, 18 April 2011

Questions for Mayor Candidates

I'm going to tonight's mayoral 'Big Debate' at DMU which will hopefully be more enlightening than the damp squib put on by the BBC at Curve last week.

Below are some of my ideas for questions.

Which one(s) shall I ask if I get the opportunity? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

1. People in the county look down on Leicester and outsiders don't even know where it is. What will you do to solve Leicester's public relations problem?

2. Why did it take an EDL riot to bounce us into celebrating what we all have in common?

3. Why do we invest so much time and money on new stuff whilst letting our existing stuff decay?

4. Decisions are made largely behind closed doors and public consultations happen after the deal is done. What would you do to end the cult of secrecy in Leicester local government?

5. Mixed raced children are the third largest birth group in Leicester. Do you think Leicester's cultural agenda reflects this properly?

6. Why is civic pride so lacking in Leicester and what will you do about it?

7. What would you do to encourage equality for all road users rather than priority for cars?

8. Do you think faith schools lead to more or less social harmony?

9. What will you do to end the "yes to anything" approach to urban planning?

10. Leicester aspires to retain graduates from our two universities. Why then are we allowing undergraduates to become increasingly isolated in 'student ghettos' surrounding the universities?