Monday, 9 May 2011

Critical Mass Cycle Rides

I went to my first Critical Mass Cycle Ride in Leicester a couple of weeks ago. These are held on the last Friday of the month and a lot of fun as well as a great way for cyclists to own the streets. Despite being smaller, these are arguably better events than SkyRide as they are entirely grass roots events on the open road.

Turn-outs at the Leicester rides are growing and are approaching the 200 riders mark which is amazing. Here are some ideas for making it even bigger and better:-
  1. Invite newly elected mayor Peter Soulsby to attend
  2. Break a record for largest critical mass or most riders in costumes.
  3. Get a celebrity along
  4. Do a charity fund raiser
  5. Give it a blog and get that auto-posted on Facebook & Twitter (I can help with that!)
  6. Do a recruitment prize/bounty for whoever brings the most newbies.
  7. Buy all newbies a drink at the end
  8. Run a weekend ride to attract more families with kids.
  9. Run a Critical Mass ride in conjuction with another event
The next ride is on 27th May 2011, meeting at 6pm at Orton Square beside Curve.